Let’s Talk About Suicide

Let’s talk about suicide

The subject of suicide is absolutely difficult to talk about, particularly when you are directly or indirectly affected by suicide either as someone who has thought about and/or attempted suicide or know someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts. How do we make sense of suicide and more importantly, as a Stretcher Bearer, how do we walk alongside those who wrestle with suicide? This session aims to provide a safe place to discuss the aforementioned questions. The following are some of the specific topics the session will cover.
1) Major misperceptions about suicide
2) Christian perspectives regarding suicide
3) Why is it difficult for us to talk about suicide, particularly in a Christian community?
4) Why is it important for us to talk about suicide as a Christian community?
5) What can we do as Stretcher Bearers for those struggling personally with suicidal thoughts and those who are affected by suicide?

Workshop 7: 8 July 2017 (10-1pm)

Studio 1, Heritage Centre, PJEFC



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