• Submerged for a whale of a time at VBS

    PJEFC’s annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) this year saw 115 children attending, a good number of whom were from unchurched homes. While the music, games, craft and snacks provide wholesome food, and fun and creative activities for the kids, the Missions station showed them the work of missionaries, and particularly this year to the children […]

  • Singing Our Heritage

    Imagine a church Sunday service devoid of music. Can’t? Then you will appreciate the “Singing Our Heritage” sessions that Dr Cheng Hwee Ming and Dr Tan Gaik Cheng have been leading since April. Held at 11am after the Sunday worship service, the hour-long informal sessions have a faithful following of about a dozen people who […]

  • Experience the Residential Bible School (RBS)

    The Residential Bible School for Form Five leavers is one of the most intensive yet enjoyable camps for youths. Here are the reflections of  four PJEFC youths who participated at the camp from January 5 to February 12 this year in Cameron Highlands. A sinner saved by grace LEONG SHIN PEI I stepped into RBS […]

  • Is There Assurance of Salvation and Eternal Security?

    Arising from a recent sermon on “Victorious Christian Living,” there have been concerns over the statement made by the speaker that “there is no such thing as once saved always saved.” The speaker’s main purpose is to warn us against trivialising God, and to cause us to see that God is not merely out to […]

  • PJEFC Youths at Teen Street 2014

    TeenStreet is a 5-day 4 night camp organised by Operation Mobilisation and founded by Dan and Suzie Potter (also known as Duzie). This year’s programme was held at the Port Dickson Methodist Centre (PDMC) in early December 2014 with the theme “Free2Be” that taught teens about being freedom from sin and their self-worth in God […]

  • From Pulpit to iPod

    A brief BTS (Behind The Scenes) look at how PJEFC Comms+Media gets your sermons online. It may not be common knowledge that our sermons get a sizable amount of online listens for a church of our size. Recently, someone asked me if we do get 50 listens in a month? That is actually way too […]

  • Psalms 121 feat. Doreen & Ruth (Remastered)

    Psalms 121 featuring Doreen Tang & Ruth Ng (Remastered version). [ylwm_vimeo height=”360″ width=”640″ byline=”true” autoplay=”false” portrait=”true”]110108564[/ylwm_vimeo]

  • CUG Camp Reflection: Hope in the midst of doubt

    MY relationship with God hasn’t been the greatest, though I wonder who’s ever truly is. I’ve always tried to be honest with Him about my struggles in believing He exists. I fear being biased for my lack of knowledge about religion, or for hypocritical behaviour by telling others to turn to God as an answer, […]

  • Amidst fun and games, a serious message for CUG youths

    FOR years, the annual College-University Group (CUG) retreat had been just that – a weekend getaway for college and university students. This year, however, saw a more organised and deliberate effort, thanks in no small part to Pastor Alexa Ho who supervised the planning of this camp. From 1-3 August, 62 college and univeristy youths […]

  • Living as Salt and Light – CUG Camp

    THIS year’s College-University Group (CUG) Camp was my first one, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The theme, ‘Salt and Light’, was a familiar one and I thought I would probably already know most of what was going to be taught. As it turned out, there was still much I had to learn, […]

  • Helping teachers teach others

    Mission trip to Korat: Helping teachers teach others Five ladies, all mums whose children are either at university or are young working adults, went on a mission trip to Korat, Thailand, from April 24 to 27. The trip was focused on teaching/education. One of the participants, Carol Lau, shares their experience. April 24 saw five of us […]

  • Aim Heavenward

    [REFLECTIONS OF THE PASTORAL OVERSIGHT, ISSUE #2014/1] “AIM HEAVENWARD” Philippians 3: 12-16 Introduction In his letter to the Philippians, Paul speaks intimately and bares his heart.  Today, we concentrate on a small part of Paul’s revelation of his life and ministry.  It tells us what makes him tick, what motivated him in ministry.  Here are […]

  • Charge-Up 2014

    Charge-Up 2014 was held in Penang Christian Center from February 26 till March 1. This is the writer’s first time attending Charge-Up. Photos by Haan Yu & Jon Ng.  Charge up by Livewire Media is an (almost) annual conference & seminar for church media people. Since its inception in 2006, the main focus of the […]

  • Check out PJEFC’s Library

    Anyone who has set foot in the PJEFC library in the past few months has probably noticed a few changes: The children’s section has received a facelift and boasts several brand new books for PJEFC’s youngest readers… Books that used to be located in one section have been moved to another shelf… Piles of old […]

  • Finding faith as a 2nd generation Christian

    Step Up is an annual two-week programme for Form 5-leavers to deepen their relationship with God, build character, understand the Word and apply practical experience for effective ministry. Step Up 2014 was just completed on 18 January and Priscilla Hua was one of the graduates. She shares her experience. I was born into Christian family […]

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