CED : Book of Daniel

A Two Part Seminar by Dr Anthony Loke, Principal, Tyrannus Online Seminary

4 & 11 November | 10.00am-3.00pm | RM30 per pax

How do Christians read the Book of Daniel today? Do we treat it as a book speaking only to our time? Are we correct to read the book using a particular theological framework (for example, pre-tribulational pre-millennialism) which is imposed on it from the outside? How do God’s people read the book of Daniel in the past? In this seminar on the Book of Daniel, we will cover in two parts the message of the book as it spoke to God’s people in the past, particularly the people of God suffering in the time of the Babylonian Exile in the 5th century BC and later again in the time of the Greek oppression in the 2nd century BC. We can only briefly touch on the book’s literary features (for example, the use of two languages, Hebrew and Aramaic, its structure, the so-called historical inaccuracies, the genre of the book) but focus more on the purpose of the book. At the end of the two part seminar, we will understand a bit more of the powerful and relevant message of the Book of Daniel and how God’s people today in the 21st century AD can still draw inspiration and hope from its pages.


Dr. Anthony Loke is currently the principal of Tyrannus Online Seminary. He has worked in the area of theological education in STM for 19 years, and was also a Methodist pastor for 32 years. He holds a Master of Theology in Old Testament (1996) and a PHD in OT (2011) from the University of Wales. He has written 10 books and numerous articles in journals and magazines.