Comms & Media Training


PJEFC’s communications and media ministry is organizing a series of training classes in the next few months. Classes range from writing workshops, public speaking to photography and videography classes.

July Classes

  • Basic Writing Workshop – learn to write for websites, news, social media and more. (Communications)
  • Photography 101 – Basic camera skills for beginners (Photography)

August Classes

  • Presentation Slides design – Don’t kill your audience with Powerpoint slides! (Communications)
  • Effective Presentation skills – Priority for Pastoral and Ministry leaders with pulpit schedule (Communications)

September Classes

  • Lighting Masterclass – using small flash for creative results (Photography)
  • Lightroom Basics – Turning around the shoot within four hours (Photography, Workflow)

Coming in October:

  • Basic filmmaking 101 – Video introduction class

To find out more about the classes or to register, please visit the PJEFC Comms & Media page here.

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