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Early Intervention Programme

Bridges EIP

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Our Background
Bridges was set up in 2000 with the help of Malaysian Care. As a community project by PJEFC, Bridges is dedicated to the development of services for children with special needs, in particular children with developmental delays and learning difficulties.

Bridges adopts a family-focused and centre-based approach, which allows children the opportunity to interact with one another. This approach also creates opportunities for the parents to mingle and support each other through sharing their experiences, knowledge, etc.

In January 2014, Bridges started a School Age Program (“SAP”) to cater to our EIP children who turned 7. This program does not follow any school curriculum but supplements the learning needs (academically or otherwise) of the children who have reached school-going age.

Our Objectives
Bridges aims to:
1) Provide children with special needs the opportunities to learn and prepare them for integration into formal schools
2) Equip, support and guide the parents in their children’s education and development
3) Offer the parents practical, emotional and spiritual support
4) Be an advocate for the rights of these children and create public awareness and acceptance of these children


Activities and Training

For our parents
Aligned with our family-focused approach, we conduct 4 coffee sessions in a year when parents can come together for sharing or participate in training.


For our teachers and volunteers

In addition to in-house training we also invite therapists (occupational, speech, music, etc) to conduct workshops for our teachers and volunteers. In addition, our teachers and volunteers are also sent for external trainings, workshops and/or conferences.


How you can get involved
1) Share your professional knowledge with us and our parents
2) Share with us your experience as a parent of a child with special needs
3) Volunteer as a helper or a teacher
4) Support us financially

Contact us
Tel: 03 7955 2473
Address: Block A, 1st Floor, Heritage Centre
3, Jalan 13/6, 46200 Petaling Jaya