Old Testament Survey

This course is designed to introduce student to the various books of the Old Testament by using two approaches – diachronic (looking at the structure, thematic contents) and synchronic ( looking at the book’s relationship with the large context). It highlights the basic message of the Old Testament books, their contribution to God’s redemptive storyline, and their significance for Christian thought and practice.

The study will cover the six major blocks that make up the OT: Torah, Historical Books, Prophetic Books, Psalms, Wisdom Books, and Misc. Writings.

Anthony Loke’s Bio:
Dr. Anthony Loke is currently the principal of Tyrannus Online Seminary. He has worked in the area of theological education in STM for 19 years, and was also a Methodist pastor for 32 years. He holds a Master of Theology in Old Testament (1996) and a PHD in OT (2011) from the University of Wales. He has written 10 books and numerous articles in journals and magazines. .