Ascend : Worship Ministry


Worship in today’s context is so closely intertwined with music that it is easy to forget that worship is still worship even in silence. After much reflection and brain storming, guided through prayer, and staring at the resources we have, the Ascend team felt that for this season, the call and need of each of its members is to be spiritually mature, theologically robust, and musically versatile.

Thus, the priority to grow deep in relationship with God is ever before us. The need to broaden our understanding and expression of worship is one we need to embrace and lead the congregation in to. And finally, the challenge to think out of the box in terms of music genres, worship styles, and our team’s abilities is definitely an exciting one!


PJEFC’s Worship Ministry took on a new name, Ascend Worship, in 2014, with the key verse from Psalms 24:3­4. The name change reminds us that worshippers of the Most High God can only approach His presence with clean hands and pure hearts. This is especially true for the team members who serve weekly to be mindful of their walk and being before their God. The change also provided an avenue to branch out into different areas of Creative Arts in worship. This would give us a wider understanding of worship, i.e. that it is not just about music on a Sunday morning. Sub­teams under Ascend are the Choir, Ascend Creative Tech, and Ascend Performing Arts (in progress).


Our main area of service is the Sunday service. Practices are regularly held on Saturday 1.30pm to 4.00pm and at 7.30am on Sunday morning. If you are keen to serve as musicians, singers or with the AV team, we would love to hear from you!