Abimelech : Who rules?

Abimelech : Who rules?
August 25, 2019
Passage: Judges 9:1-57
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When we read Judges 9:1-6, we find a sad tale of the ruthless murders of Gideon’s 70 sons by Abimelek. We have often heard this proverb “Greed is a curse” and Abimelek’s life is a prime example of this proverb. Abimelek’s life shows that greed for power can lead to faulty decisions and judgements. It is especially true in the case of inherited or unmerited power. But in the midst of such crisis and injustice, we see God’s retribution and mercy for those who are faithful to Him.

It is important to note that God rules over us all and He is victorious over evil. Therefore, if you wonder about the injustice and the crisis that goes around in the world, let us be assured through the word of God preached by Pastor Dicky Wong, that our God is in Control of our circumstance and situations.  

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