Gideon: From Farmer to Leader

Gideon: From Farmer to Leader
August 18, 2019
Passage: Judges 6-8
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God can make us strong in our weakness. We need to trust the Lord’s leading and obey His commands so that His name is glorified from our lives. When God called Gideon to judge Israel and defeat the Midianites, he started to look upon his own weaknesses. He said, "Lord, I am the from the weakest clan and I am least in my family". But the Lord assured Gideon that He will be with him, for the battle belongs to the Lord. Gideon obeyed and did as God commanded and God taught Gideon to be a God-dependent leader so that Israel could not boast of it's own strength.

Therefore, brothers and Sisters If you are called by God to do His work, rest assured that He will give you the strength and courage. But we must remember to always trust, obey and depend on God for His guidance. Let’s listen to the sermon by Pastor Chin Choon Meow and learn how depending on God can bring a positive change in our role as a leader; Influencing people to follow Christ.      

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