New Love

New Love
December 15, 2019
Passage: Isaiah 53:1-12
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When people think of Christmas these days, it's all about the holiday season, spending time with friends and family and exchanging presents. Recently, Apple compiled a list of famous Christmas hits and out of the total, only two talked about Christmas in its true essence. Have we forgotten the actual reason for celebrating Christmas?

Christmas is about God showing His love and grace to the world through His son Jesus Christ in a very unique way. God, out of His love, sent His son to suffer and die on our behalf so that we can be saved. In Isaiah 53: 1-12, we learn about the prophecy of suffering Messiah who was promised by God to save the world, through His death. Christmas is about the celebration of this prophecy being fulfilled in Jesus Christ, God’s love to us. Therefore, brothers and sisters, let’s celebrate this Advent with the complete understanding of Christmas.

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