New Peace

New Peace
December 8, 2019
Passage: Isaiah 9:1-7
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Christmas is just around the corner. Families and friends get together on this joyous occasion and celebrate God’s goodness; the coming of Jesus Christ “The Prince of peace”. Christmas can be challenging for some people to understand as life is tough and peace is hard to find. The reality is that the majority of the people who live in the world are not living in peace. Even in our homes and workplaces, peace is something elusive. We also struggle to be at peace with ourselves and God.

Our struggle for peace even takes a toll on our mental health. Life’s Anxieties are controlled by our unchangeable past and our uncertain future. Our solution when we are not satisfied, with our surrounding or life circumstances, is to call for a regime change. But even then, peace is a far-fetched dream. So, how can we find peace in such anxious times? Can Jesus Christ bring peace into our lives? The good news, brothers and sisters, is that Jesus Christ is the only one who can bring peace into our lives that we have longed for. Therefore, let’s come to Christ and find peace through His word.

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