New Wine

New Wine
December 22, 2019
Passage: John 2:1-12
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When we read John 2:1-12, we find that Jesus is invited to attend a wedding feast in canna. Everything is going well until the host runs out of Wine to serve the guests. This is a crisis and Mary, mother of Jesus, came to ask Jesus for help. It is here that Jesus performed His first miracle; turning water into wine, saving the host and the wedding from a big social crisis. Likewise, when we put our trust in Him, he comes and saves us from our life crisis and makes us a new creation.

Jesus gave a very interesting solution which defies human logic. He asks the servants to fill six water jars, used for ceremonial washing and cleaning, with water and draw from it and serve the master of the feast and the guests. Water from these jars is not considered fit or clean for drinking purposes. However, we see that Jesus turned something that is not even fit for drinking into something that is a high-end beverage. Similarly, when we put our trust in Jesus, He has the power to transform our lives as well. Therefore, brothers and sisters let’s commit our hearts and ears to the word of God preached by Ps Tan Yu Yong and be transformed by the word.

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