The Pressure of Retaliation

The Pressure of Retaliation
November 24, 2019
Passage: James 5:1-11
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We retaliate when our rights are violated and when we experience injustice. Then we wonder who will listen to our plight and speak for us? The passage in the book of James 5: 1-11 assures us that our God and the church leadership is neither blind nor deaf to the plight of the oppressed. When we are oppressed, we seek revenge in rage. We wish that the same, if not worse should happen with our offenders. Such anger leads to depression and clouded thinking which becomes a cause for bad life decisions. Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are reminded in Romans 12:17-19, that trust in God and let Him be the judge. Let’s align our hearts with God’s wisdom as we listen to His word shared by Ps. Melissa Chan.

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