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SPEAKERS – Lim Zhi Ling

With the goal of reviving the tradition of handwritten calligraphy, Zhi Ling has been sharing her passion and talent via for the past 2.5 years through artwork for all kinds of occasions – weddings, parties, corporate functions, media launches, workshops, etc.

Besides having done corporate work for MontBlanc, BOSS, Dior, Bvlgari, Cartier, FB, Lexus etc, she also conducts calligraphy workshops around Klang Valley to create appreciation for this dying art in an era of virtual communication.

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IDB-Resources Sdn Bhd  | IDB-VisionCare Sdn Bhd | Dusun Merdeka Sdn Bhd – Tham Kong Weng

A trained pharmacist with a passion for farming, Kong Weng now runs 3 businesses and wears different hats in each of them: Value Partner at IDB-Resources Sdn Bhd, Managing Director at IDB-VisionCare Sdn Bhd and bean hunter / farmer at Dusun Merdeka Sdn Bhd.

Losing a job kick-started his entrepreneurial journey that now covers consultancy for pharma companies which aim to build a Southeast Asian presence; handling distributorship for pharma diagnostics; exclusive collaboration with the Singapore National Eye Centre for the world’s first commercial low-dose atropine for the prevention of myopia progression in children; and developing Malaysia’s first specialty cocoa beans for the global market while probably being maker of the world’s first oak-barrel fermented cocoa beans.


 Silver Orchards – Erwin Lee and Rachel Chow

Having seen personal testimonies from friends and family who benefited from consuming Gaharu tea, this husband and wife team launched their brand in August 2017 with their own tea plantation to cater to this growing demand.

Silver Orchards aims to revitalise the market with a herbal drink that’s both delicious and wholesome for the body. Leaves are locally grown and naturally extracted to serve you an aromatic and light tea, filled with the goodness of nature. Indulge in a cup for caffeine-free energy and all-natural relaxation.

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Matrix Paradigm – Woon Tien Ern

Woon is the Senior Consultant at Matrix Paradigm, a boutique management consulting firm that enables companies create new S-curves for sustainable success. Matrix Paradigm operationalises concepts, theories and frameworks for effective and efficient implementation. In addition, Matrix Paradigm provides highly flexible and customised solutions for organisational and personal success. As a Senior Consultant, Woon focuses on Sales Leadership & Coaching as well as Personal & Organisation Profiling.

Woon is also the co-founder of The Sales MAESTROS Institute; providing companies with specialised talent for sales, customer service and digital security roles.

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myELEPHANT – Patrick Cheng

Unlike many young entrepreneurs who left their careers to pursue their dreams of owning their own cafes, Patrick Cheng Yee made a secondary investment while holding on to his day job in a bank.

myELEPHANT came together one day in January 2007 when Patrick and two business partners voiced out their desire for a contemporary and affordable Thai restaurant as KL became more saturated with the high-end varieties.

Today, eleven years later, Patrick heads the myELEPHANT group as a director, with four restaurants, a central kitchen and a corporate office with approximately 120 employees under their name.



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