Faith & Work Workshop

– Deadlines. Missed church again –

– Work sucks –

– Shady stuff –

– Adulting –

– Terrible boss. Office politics –

– Work, A calling? –

– Christian colleague swears & cheats –

– My Christian witness? –

– My home and my work – what’s my priority? –

27 MAY 2018, 11.00am – 12.30pm


Heritage Centre, No 3, jalan 13/6, PJ, SELANGOR.


How do you respond to all the challenges of work and work place as a Christian?

Come, join us for a round of talk, Q&A on integrating faith and work.

Bring your loved ones and friends too.



Cindy Lian a Working Mom

Looi Lai Kit a People Development Specialist, formerly a Business Restructuring Professional

Ba U Shan-Ting a Professional CEO and Leader of Family Owned Business

Dennis Cheah Senior Manager in a Finance Industry

Pr Chin Choon Meow a Pastor, formerly a Corporate Recovery Professional


Loh Ken Ming Passionate about Youth Empowerment with Corporate and Non-Profit BackgroundM, PJEFC

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