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Pastor Chin Choon Meow

About Me

Master of Divinity, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada
Master of Theology (OT), Trinity Theological College, Singapore


Welcome to the PJEFC website! I’m Choon Meow, the Lead Pastor of PJEFC and I hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our church from these pages. Once an accountant with the ACMA (UK) and CGMA (USA) qualifications, I answered the call to ministry and now, as Lead Pastor, I am in charge of the Cell Group and Family Life Ministries at PJEFC. Someone once asked me, what is the biggest challenge in a Christian’s life? To me, it is growing in Christ-likeness. It is my prayer that Christ will be the centre in the life of every congregation member and family in the church. That’s when living a fulfilled life and being a blessing to others is possible. It’s my prayer that when you join us for worship and fellowship, you will encounter the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you!

Pastor Melissa Chan

About Me

Hi! How wonderful that you are exploring our website! I’m Melissa, the Executive Pastor of PJEFC. As XP, I help our various ministries with synergy as we work towards a common goal. This includes communication, relationship building, and error-busting 🙂 I also oversee Ascend, PJEFC’s music and creative arts ministry, as well as our amazing library! Through these avenues, my hope is to provide soul care, spiritual direction, and discipleship for those I encounter. It is indeed my privilege and joy to serve individuals in the body of Christ as we journey together!

At PJEFC, we are a community waiting for you, praying for you, eager to meet you. May we be a blessing to you as much as your visit will be a blessing to us!

Melissa Chan

Pastor Jeremy Lim

About Me

Master of Divinity, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM)

Hi, I’m Jeremy and I’m the pastor in charge of Missions and Outreach (link to Missions Initiatives 2018 webpage). I’ve had a passion for missions every since becoming a Christian in 2010 and served for two years with Malaysian Campus Crusade for Christ. At PJEFC, our purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission by equipping, encouraging, and to empowering every Christian to live as a missionary wherever God has placed them. Your mission field is essentially and firstly your family, colleagues in your work place, classmates in your academic arena, your neighborhood and your community. At PJEFC, we aim to live out the Great Commission as we go about our ordinary day-to-day activities in the places that we most frequent. It is my

Pastor James Yong

About Me

School of Ministry (SOM), Tung Ling Seminary

Greetings! I am James, the pastor for PJEFC’s Chinese-speaking congregation. I first came to this church as a visitor in 1996 and joined full-time ministry with the church in 2010. It has been my desire to serve the Lord in fulltime ministry ever since I accepted Christ into my life in 1978. But I never thought that I would end up serving in a Chinese church, because I am not Chinese-educated. However, God knew, and had a plan for me all along. My wife, Annie Lean, is Chinese-educated and serves the Chinese Church with me. Do visit us if you have questions about life and spirituality. We have Sunday School, Adult Bible Class, Youth Fellowship, Wednesday prayer meetings, the Alpha Course in Mandarin and many more programmes. I look forward to welcoming you to church!

Pastor Tan Yu Yong

About Me

Master of Divinity, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM)

Hi there! As the pastor in charge of Youth in PJEFC, I enjoy playing pool, working out at the gym and a game of DOTA now and then. But on a more serious note, as pastor in charge of youth, my dream and vision is to build a community for young people. It is my prayer and my hope that every youth, college student and young adult who enters our doors finds a place that is safe, that they can call home and where they can ask questions about life and God and discover answers and friendships to help them on life’s journey. We have Impact Youth (link to Impact Youth web page) meetings for teens and a meeting for college and university students on Friday nights.

Pastor Annie Lean

About Me

School of Ministry (SOM), Tung Ling Seminary

Hello! I’m Annie and I minister in PJEFC’s Chinese Church which meets every Sunday at 11am. I’ve been in church ministry for eight years now as a teacher and pastoral work as well, taking care of the Youth, Sunday School, visiting members, and more. The church is like my home and I am happy and honoured to help anyone with spiritual needs. If you want to know more about our Chinese Church or if you are looking for a Chinese-speaking worship service, do call the church office (link contact us page) to get in touch with me and better still, come visit on Sundays!








Lai Sheong

About Me

13 years’ experience as full-time worker

Are you 55 years old or above, like me? If so, I hope to meet you! My name is Lee Lai Sheong and I head the JOY Ministry, which stands for Just Older Youth’ (also known as senior citizens). It’s a joy for me to be part of this ‘vintage group’ at our church. Our vision is to raise a people of God described in Psalm 92:14-15 who ‘…will bear fruit in old age…will stay fresh and green, proclaiming, ‘The LORD is upright; He is my Rock’. We want to enable seniors to continue learning, growing personally and remain useful and valuable members of their families, church and community. Check out our various JOY Ministry activities (link to JOY Ministry web page) from exercises to ukelele classes to special sessions on subjects relevant to seniors, and come join us!

Pastor Irene Lee

About Me

Hi! I’m Irene, the pastor in charge of Shalem Ministry,  an integrative wholistic ministry of prayer counselling in healing, deliverance and restoration to biblical wholeness (spirit-soul-body). If you need help or someone to talk to, my team and I are here for you – just plan an appointment by reaching us here (link to Contact Us page). We are a team of prayer counsellors available to journey with you through whatever pain or conflict you might be experiencing, to identify root courses and to discover godly solutions. God has a plan for your life and a destiny that He has prepared for you!

So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up

Ephesians 4:11-12